Geographical Location of Tiburon

Population of Tiburon, Haiti

The population of Tiburon, Haiti is 17887 inhabitants according to the GeoNames geographical database.
Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation
Tiburon, Haiti is located at 18.3333 (latitude in decimal degrees), -74.4 (longitude in decimal degrees) at an elevation/altitude of meters. The average elevation of Tiburon, Haiti is 66 meters.
The time zone for Tiburon is America/Port-au-Prince.
Tiburon has a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity during the summer. The wettest months are May and October. The hurricane season is between June and October. The daily temperatures are tempered by the trade wind ” known locally as the : the breeze..”
Alternative Name
Alternative name for Tiburon, Tibiwon, Haiti:
Nearby Airport
Les Cayes
Distance from Port-au-Prince
Located about 220Km from the Capital Port-au-Prince

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